Geof Johnson

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Geof Johnson's Yes! offers 30 original and imaginative songs in a varying musical styles about things that matter to belly buttons and mud puddles!
Kangaroo ▪ 3 Billy Goats Gruff ▪ Oodly Boop ▪ Monster Under My Bed ▪ Dinosaur Egg ▪ Faster Dinosaur ▪ Don't Go Out Without Your Pants ▪ Bubbles ▪ Doggy On the Bed ▪ Belly Button ▪ Color Song ▪ Balloon ▪ Dolphins Dance ▪ Going to the Moon ▪ Ladybug ▪ Itty Bitty Kitty ▪ Fat Cat ▪ Yes! ▪ When I Get Home ▪ Leprechaun ▪ Shoes are on the Wrong Feet ▪ Climb a Tree ▪ I Can Swing ▪ Ringy Dingy Doo ▪ Some Kind of Animal ▪ Pony ▪ Mud Puddle ▪ Mud Pie ▪ Caterpillar ▪ Butterfly

Geof Johnson

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High-energy children's music and interactive participation shows. Winner of Parenting Magazine's Parenting Pick. Winner of the Parents' Choice Award 2003. Winner of the National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval. Winner of the Children's Music Web Award 2001. Music for children and other wild animals. Geof's music will make your children smarter, better looking, and have fresher breath!

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