Sassy Cicada

Kristin Jerger

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Sassy Cicada, La Cigarra Loca

Sassy Cicada, listen to me:
You're not helping me go to sleep.
I lay down and close my eyes,
but all I hear is you screamin' outside!

Sassy Cicada, tell me the truth:
Don't you have nothin' better to do?
You sing in the daytime, sun so bright,
But when it goes down, you keep singin' all night!

Sassy Cicada, what can I do?
I guess I'll have to listen to you.
When you sing I'll close my eyes.
Then I feel my bed start to rise like the...

Ocean...I'm floating...moon...shining golden...

(Off to sleep with instrumental...)

Cigarra loca, escuchame:
No me ayudas a dormir!
Me acuesto, cierro los ojos
Pero solo oigo tus chillidos!

Cigarra loca, dime la verdad:
Cantas tanto, no estas cansada?
Cantas en el dia, brilla el sol
Pero cuando se pone, sigues cantando!

Cigarra loca, voy escucharte;
Supongo que tengo que aceptarse.
Cuando cantas, cierro los ojos.
Siento que la cama se levanta como la... luna...brillando...
Ocean...I'm floating...moon...shining golden...

Kristin Jerger

About the Artist:
Kristin Jerger, MD, LMBT (NC #11719) is a physician, licensed massage therapist, musician, and music teacher who lives with her highly spirited, twin sons and husband in North Carolina. She received her medical and neuroscience research training at the Medical University of South Carolina (M.D.), George Washington University Medical Center (residency in Psychiatry), Children's National Medical Center, and George Mason University's Krasnow Institute of Advanced Study in Fairfax, Virginia. Dr. Jerger's private practice, Path of Ease Family Massage Therapy, draws on her medical, psychiatric, research, family, and musical backgrounds to help children strengthen their connections to their families and the world. The focus of this practice is promoting peace from the inside out. Helping children develop a deep sense of understanding, respect, and kindness for themselves and the connections within themselves is foundational to developing empathy for others. Empathy is a basic ingredient necessary for promoting peace since it is the grounding necessary to render conflict resolution skills effective. My practice uses music and touch to engage children and their parents and emphasizes connection, touch, mindfulness, strategies for stress reduction, and simply spending time together. The songs offered here were written and performed by Kristin as part of her practice. We hope you and your children enjoy them! For more videos by Kristin, check out her YouTube Channel:
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