The Rain Forest Song

J. P. Taylor


"The Rain Forest Song" is perhaps more motivational than instructional. It's a song about why we need to do all we can to save the rain forests, rather than what they are and how they work.
The chorus emphasizes the fact that many of today's medicines come from rain forest sources, that rain forests are an important source of oxygen, and are home to countless species of animals and plants.

Here's a song about a place
That's threatened by the human race
Want to let you know, want to let you know
Tropical rain falls on tropical trees
The tropical rain forest won't you please
Help us save it now, help us save it now


Ooh, it gives us air to breathe
Ooh, the animals call it home
Ooh, its medicines help you and me
Ooh, help us save it before it's gone
They burn and cut it down to farm
But we all know it's doing harm
To the animals, there's no place to go
Monkey's rush from tree to tree
Calling out for their family
Fire's coming now, must escape somehow


All the birds in all the trees
Every insect and every leaf
Is important, too, here's what we must do
Tell everybody that it's not okay
To let the forests just burn away
Got to say it loud, got to say it proud!


This song is available on J.P. Taylor's
Singing' Songs of Science