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Verse 1.Rachel was a special Child,
with special needs and a great big smile.
Other Children looked at her,
and saw she was a different Girl.

Verse 2. Her world revolved around a Chair,
with great big wheels, and she sat there,
every hour of every day,
watching other Kids at play.

Verse 3. But in her heart she's just like me,
with feelings, but her agony,
is simply that her legs don't work,
and she needs friends like you and me.

Chorus. She is just a little Girl,
whose courage takes her round the world.
She can do most anything;
teach the world to sing.

Verse 4. Rachel was a special Child,
I could see it in her eyes;
every time she looked at me,
I had the feeling she could see

Verse 5. In to my soul she could read my mind;
she knew exactly what she'd find.
She was sweet and she was kind.
It didn't matter that she was blind.

Chorus. She was a frequent flyer with her mind.
She couldn't walk but she could run a mile.
She had more courage in her little hand...
that made me understand.

A song dedicated to the thousands of Children afflicted with Spina Bifida and to their Parents who love them unconditionally

The Battersby Duo

About the Artist:

The Battersby Duo have been performing together for nearly 30 years. They proudly write songs for the under 10 set. colors, and counting, centipedes and snails, germs and toenails are the foundation for their silly tales. They use music as a metaphor for rainbows and sunshine. Alliteration is second nature to them. Much of their work involves helping young minds succeed academically and developmentally. Rhythm stimulates cognitive function in young children. Repetitive motion and repetition of color names, numbers and letters develop memory skills.
For more information on The Battersby Duo please visit their website at www.battersbyduo.com

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