The Monarch Butterfly Song

Goin' Down to Mexico

Lucas Miller

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Food chains and predator/prey relationships are the primary themes of There's A Chicken On My Head!, but it also touches on animal groups, life cycles and migration.
The Cow On the Bus ▪ Goin' Down to Mexico (The Monarch Butterfly Song) ▪ Animals Rock! ▪ I Won't ▪ I Don't Wanna Be Part of the Food Chain! ▪ (A Snake's Not) Slimy ▪ Eek! Ack! Help! Police! (The Snake Story) ▪ Laugh Ourselves Silly (The "Nanny Nanny Boo-boo Song" about Animal Defenses) ▪ Midnight in the Forest ▪ One World ▪ Bonus track: Laugh Ourselves Silly (Live version)

Lucas Miller

About the Artist:
Zoology ROCKS with author & award-winning songwriter Lucas Miller. His blend of humor, science and artistry makes his programs legendary. Lucas is an American Masterpieces Artist with the National Endowment for the Arts for 2009!
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