This Little Chicken (Ese Pollito)


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In Beautiful Rainbow World, Daria continues her tradition of bringing original and traditional multicultural music to children of all ages with her newest release.
Drawing from African, Caribbean, Australian, Latin American, Quechua, Native American, Hebrew, Arabic, Yiddish and African-American traditions, this downloadable album helps build an appreciation of the fascinating cultures of our world.
Do the Limbo• You Gotta Didg (Play the Didgeridoo) • Kumbayah (South African Style) • Beautiful Rainbow World • Bate, Bate Chocolate / Ese Pollito • Yaw, Yaw Puka Polleracha/we Are the Rainbow People • Uncle Joe • Salaam, Shalom • Tumbalaika • Whole New World • Down By the Riverside MP3 Demo


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For the last two decides, internationally known folksinger DARIA has traveled the globe, learning, sharing and making music while building communities and encouraging a new view of hope and peace for all the world’s children. In the United States, she has won national awards for her children's cds including a Parent’s Choice Award, a NAPPA (National Association For Parenting Publications) Award and a Children's Music Web Award. The songs she has recorded on her cd’s have been used throughout the world; in South Africa in Teaching Tolerance Curriculums, in Australia in Respecting Others Curriculum and a special song she wrote about the Rev, Dr. Martin Luther King is used in classrooms across the states to celebrate his life and legacy. Also her version of the Zulu folksong “Here Come Our Mothers” is used in many Mother’s Day celebrations.

For Daria, Its all about empowering kids… letting them explore the world of music in a way that unlocks the amazing talent and inner beauty they naturally possess. For that reason, she’s adapted many of her multi-cultural activities for this website as a resource for parents, teachers, homeschoolers and kids of all abilities (each activity has all abilities notes). Whether it’s building a pow-wow style drum that can be played by a large number of people or recycling objects by transforming them into instruments, this website shares many great ways of bringing folks together through music.

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