The Itsy Bitsy Spider Finger Play

Miss Lori and Sqedunk

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Miss Lori and Sqedunk

About the Artist:

Miss Lori has spent the past 25 years participating in the field of Early Childhood.

Through her education, hands on experience, work history (see resume link) and a
God given talent with children. She has made it her life’s goal to give the children she has had the pleasure of knowing, the happiness and respect that each and every child deserves.

Recently, Miss Lori established Sqedunk Children Productions. The company’s first project is an early childhood video titled: Finger Plays with Miss Lori.

Through her many opportunities working with children she has always relied on Finger Plays to educate, stimulate and just to mainly bring some fun into creative story telling.

Children have responded so well to Miss Lori and her creative way of doing Finger Play’s, that it gave her an idea, a video, which could teach children the fun and history of Finger Plays and be able to reach children and their parents all over the country. Therefore aiding in the awareness of how important it is to stimulate the young child’s mind. In addition to bringing awareness to Early Childhood Education, her other main goal is to bring a live friendly face and mentor back into society, like she had growing up. Mister Rogers, Captain Kangaroo, Shari Lewis, Romper Room, were so much a part of her generation. Today’s children do not have those same kind of human mentors. Through the live show and tour across the country she plans on connecting with as many children as possible. She has always been an advocate for children rights and feels very strongly that children deserve the same respect and happiness, if not more, than adults. A child deserves to be a child for as long as they can and enjoy the many wonders that childhood can bring. In today’s world our children are growing up too fast!

Miss Lori’s mission is too touch as many children’s lives as she can, through her attention and her time, while also trying to bring fun, happiness and creativity to their little imaginations.

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