Dirt Made My Lunch

The Banana Slug String Band


Dirt made my lunch,
Dirt made my lunch.
Thank you Dirt, thanks a bunch,
For my salad, my sandwich
My milk and my munch 'cause
Dirt, you made my lunch.

Dirt is a word that we often use,
When we're talkin' about the earth beneath our shoes.
It's a place where plants can sink their toes;
In a little while a garden grows.


A farmer's plow will tickle the ground,
You know the earth has laughed when wheat is found.
The grain is taken and flour is ground,
For making a sandwich to munch on down.


A stubby green beard grows upon the land,
Out of the soil the grass will stand.
But under hoof it must bow,
For making milk by way of a cow.


Arranged and © 1989 Banana Slug String Band -- Slug Music/ BMI
All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

This song is available on Singing in Our Garden

The Banana Slug String Band

About the Artist:

The Banana Slug String Band is a group of lovable musicians and educators from the coastal redwoods of Northern California. With vocals, guitars, mandolin, bass, harmonica, banjo and percussion, Slug songs range from rockin' boogies to gentle ballads; folk songs to reggae.

The Banana Slug String Band is committed to educational entertainment for children and families through interactive music and performance. That’s why, when the band plays live, theater, puppetry and audience participation round out the fun-filled learning experience.

The Banana Slugs are dedicated to fostering positive attitudes about the environment, providing accurate information about Natural History and Science, promoting music appreciation, building self esteem in children, honoring creativity, supporting the arts in education, and sparking in people a joyful sense of wonder!

Have you seen the Slugs in your area? They play at aquariums, concert halls, parks, camps, museums and, of course, schools! If you would like to bring the Slugs to your school or other event, please visit our website for details.

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