The Citrus Song

The Battersby Duo

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The Citrus Song.

Verse 1. Well I'm a Grapefruit, the King of Citrus drinks, I tend to be a breakfast fruit, I'm very often pink. I'm halved and I am sugared, divided in to chunks. Add a cube of ice, and I really pack a punch; I'm a Grapefruit.

Verse 2. I'm an Orange, the sweeter of the two; I'm naturally delicious, I'm very fragrant too. I'm frequently in taste tests, my juices are divine. Drink a few of me a day, and your sun will shine, I'm an Orange.

Verse 3. Well I'm a Lemon, I'm nothing like a Lime, People from all over, confuse us all the time. Just because we're sour, we do not make the grade. But add a pinch of sugar, and I am Lemonade' I'm a Lemon.

Verse 4. Well I'm a Pineapple, nothing rhymes with me, when I'm mixed with any juice, I'm sure that you'll agree. I'm sweet and I am tasty, tropical and true; even though my skin is sharp, I'll always welcome you. I'm a Pineapple.

Chorus. We're so tasty. like all our Citrus friends. Sampled individually, or rolled in to a blend. Sunshine is a factor in just how well we grow, so do us all a flavour,don't plant us in the snow...we are Citrus. we are Citrus.

Verse 5. I'm a Gourd I'm bored, this song is not about me.....

Verse 6. Well I'm a Satsuma, there's a nasty little rumor, I've no humor, but I am here to tell you, my job is to be eaten, not to be Buster Keaton; I'm Citrus to the core, but frankly I'm a bore; I'm a Satsuma.

A Tangy View of All things Citrus

The Battersby Duo

About the Artist:

The Battersby Duo have been performing together for nearly 30 years. They proudly write songs for the under 10 set. colors, and counting, centipedes and snails, germs and toenails are the foundation for their silly tales. They use music as a metaphor for rainbows and sunshine. Alliteration is second nature to them. Much of their work involves helping young minds succeed academically and developmentally. Rhythm stimulates cognitive function in young children. Repetitive motion and repetition of color names, numbers and letters develop memory skills.
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