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Imagine that all your favorite book characters came to life and threw a big party to celebrate the person who invented them! We are always adding new verses, so see below for lyrics to verses not available on recording!

At the party of Dr. Seuss
His crazy characters all got loose
Sam-I-am and those 2 stubborn Zax
danced with the Sneeches and the old Lorax
The Grinch almost sat on a tiny Who
but he was stopped by Horton and Bartholomew
and everyone had a wonderful time
‘cause, oh - how that Cat could rhyme!

There was a great uproar (Yay!)
for the great author (Hooray!)
They celebrated all night (Party!)
‘Cause when it comes to writing, he sure got it right!

At the party of Ezra Jack Keats
Peter & Willy shared a bowl of sweets
Jenny arrived in her fancy new hat
and they all had fun in the upstairs flat
Guests came in from all over the city
and the snow outside made everything pretty
Peter entertained by whistling a tune
and the party ended too soon


At Don Freeman’s celebration
Animals came from all over the nation
Corduroy rolled in on a laundry cart
Norman the Doorman showed his brand-new art
Everyone gave a great big roar
when they saw the tricks of Bearymore
Dandelion wore a brand new suit
and everyone looked cute


At the party of Susan Meddaugh
Martha the Dog came to lend a paw
Cinderella’s rat came for a bite
but the Beast had eaten everything in sight
Martha the Dog talked on and on
as the hog family played out on the lawn
With good friends around, both large and small
it was the Best Place of all

(Chorus) w/she

At Dav Pilkey’s strange affair
The Dumb Bunnies came in their underwear
But of course they weren’t they only ones
‘cause Captain Underpants wouldn’t be outdone
Dog-zilla and Kat Kong had just got a
Giant Robot like Ricky Ricotta
Hallo-weiner was everybody’s hero
so there was nothing to fear-o

‘cause when it comes to writing, they sure got it right!

(Additional verses:)
At the party of E. B. White,
animals frolicked all through the night.
Stuart Little played hide and seek
Templeton ate enough to last a week.
Charlotte found the best in everyone,
and she spelled it out in the webs she spun.
And they all danced 'till the break of dawn,
when they heard the trumpet of the swan.

At the party of Bruce Coville,
all of the guests got quite a thrill.
There were aliens from another dimension,
and lots of monsters, too scary to mention.
Jeremy's dragon, named Tiamet,
stayed as far from the Dragonslayers as she could get.
There were favors from Elive's Magic Shop,
so the fun would never stop.

At the party of Mr. Tolkien,
he let lots of fantastic folk in.
There were dwarves and elves and the giant Beorn
There were noble kings like Aragorn.
The hobbits ate and drank their fill,
while Gandalf had a talk with Tom Bombadil,
and everyone praised with cheer and mirth -
the creator of Middle Earth.

(by Wilmington Manor 2nd/3rd Grades)
At the party of J.K. Rowling,
Fluffy, the 3-headed dog, was growling.
Harry Potter was flying his broom.
Hagrid's dancing was shaking the room.
Ron was talking with Dumbledore.
The troll was breaking down the door.
Professor Snape was telling Malfoy what to do,
When Hermione yelled out BOO! (Chorus w/"she")

(by Colwyk School)
At Dav Pilkey’s big fiesta
Harold took a long siesta
Captain Underpants shouted “Tra la la”
George was scared of Dogzilla
Super Diaper Baby said “No, no, no”
Bionicle Booger Man started to grow
Then Kat Kong began to dance
With Professor Poopypants.

(by Colwyk School)
At the party of J.K. Rowling
Fluffy, the three-headed dog was howling
Ron and Harry got on their brooms fast
Hermione had such a blast
McGonagall danced with Dumbledore,
And Snape went out to the potion store
Hagrid brought a scary beast
And they all had a magical feast. (Chorus w/"she")

Words & music by David Heitler-Klevans, © 2001

Two of a Kind

About the Artist:
TWO OF A KIND delights audiences of all ages with their music, good humor and audience participation. David and Jenny Heitler-Klevans of TWO OF A KIND love bringing people together and building community through music. Their beautiful harmonies accompanied by David's powerful, rhythmic guitar playing and Jenny's multi-ethnic percussion instruments create magic on stage. An award-winning husband-wife duo, TWO OF A KIND presents concerts for families and children of all ages, including songs, puppets, movement, and stories - all with an emphasis on interaction and participation. Themes of songs and stories range from reading & books, friendship and animals to social issues such as the environment, conflict resolution and diversity. TWO OF A KIND helps audiences of all ages feel that they can create music and that they can make a difference in the world. “Our songs are written out of great respect for children - their experiences, their sophistication and their desire to explore big issues. Our goal is to provide quality music that speaks to children and adults, and helps them to become people who make a positive contribution to the world - and to have fun at the same time!”
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