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Jeff Eisenberg is the creator and driving force behind Junior Jam. For more than a decade he has been at the helm of the Junior Jam brand of musical entertainment for young children.

He is a five time ASCAP Award recipient, as well as, a NAPPA and Children's Music Web award winner for his Junior Jam CDs. His upcoming fourth CD entitled "Wake Up" will be released this in fall 2009.

Along with his singing partners, Elayne Kessler and Adrienne Asterita, Junior Jam entertains preschool- 2nd grade age audiences with their unique blend of toe-tapping melodies, creative props, educational themes and engaging

Jeff's background as a speech and language therapist has been the inspiration for many of his original songs. Fluent in sign language, he has incorporated signing into the groups live performances. In addition, he has created Sing and Sign, Junior Jam's newest live offering. The program teaches basic sign language through song to young children ages 1-5 and their primary caregivers.

Link to artist's website: www.juniorjam.com