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This very popular group of young girls from Jersey City recorded and released their first album, Back In School, in 2010 as a school fundraising project. They were in the sixth grade at the time. The CD contained some of the original songs, like ‘Round And Round’ and 'The Way Too Much Homework Blues' from their school concerts. The album was an immediate hit with all who heard it, earned them an ‘Artist Spotlight’ from the Independent Music Awards and was even added to Pandora Radio in the children's music section. The girls, who have been singing together since they were in the third grade, recorded and released a second, more impressive album, ‘No Time For A Bad Day,’ while they were in the seventh grade. The Jellybeans graduated from the eighth grade on June 8, 2012, but before doing that, they recorded songs for a third album. That album, ‘Look At Us Now,’ was released in August 2013. Not many groups can say they recorded three albums before they even got to high school. Please visit their web site to learn more about them.

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