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J. P. Taylor:
"Since I was a child I’ve been interested in and attracted to nature. And at an early age I became interested in music and began writing songs.

I became a teacher to make a difference in the world. Through my songs I’ve tried to help kids understand how people and the other living things in the world are interdependent – and share my passion for the Earth’s natural environment.

There are so many people all over the world who care about the Earth and are doing things to help our planet, little things and big things. More and more are joining us every day.

I have come to realize that my mission is to support and encourage these "Eco-Crusaders" and help spread the word about all they are doing, and all that still needs to be done, to save our planet.

I believe a song can change the world. A song can open eyes, minds, and hearts. Songs can inspire and encourage. The Earth needs people with passion to help us get back on track. My songs are for these people – looking forward, being positive, and working together."

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