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Hi, my name is Susan Jarema of Googol Power, and I am "Crazy For Math"!

But you know, I never used to be interested in math. It wasn't until I began teaching my own children math and had to relearn it that I began to see its beauty. My husband, who prefers to hover silently in the background, is what I'd call very mathematical. He uses math daily in his work and leisure and is one of those who can do large mental calculations rapidly. I wanted our children to grow up with his ability and interest in mathematics. So I started researching the best ways to teach young children math. I soon began teaching not only my children but also their friends. I discovered for myself that math is everywhere... and, of course, is inherently interesting. I also realized that learning together as a family could be very rewarding for all of us — hence my interest in promoting "family learning."

I want all children to grow up loving math. Math and thinking skills are critical for the next generation, and they can come easily if children enjoy and feel confident using them. Parents and teachers can help by making math as fun and exciting as it really is! No child should grow up afraid of numbers.

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