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COPPER TOM is unique in the ever burgeoning field of children’s music in that he incorporates cool, sometimes arcane, rhythms into cool, accessible songs. He draws inspiration from American roots music including old time country, blues & roots rock & roll. He might throw in a little New Orleans funk, some Trinidadian calypso, a little Bob Marley &, some deceptively simple tales ( or in the case of his doggie songs- that would be “tails”) &, well, you get the picture! Then again, only by listening will you really start to appreciate what his unique musical vision has to offer!

His current release is called GET THE BEAT! It’s full of diverse rhythms & interesting songs. Most of the tracks are self-penned & they feature some of the most dynamic musical talents from beautiful & ever-vibrant Ann Arbor, Michigan USA ( and home of the University of Michigan- Go Blue!).

As a matter of record, COPPER TOM was born on the little finger of Michigan (did you know Michigan looks like a hand- surrounded majestically by the Great Lakes? ) in the truly spectacular town of Traverse City- also known as the Cherry Capital of the World! You can probably guess COPPER TOM’S favorite fruit & why he was compelled to write about THE ABC’S OF FRUIT as he did on GET THE BEAT!

COPPER TOM currently resides in the aforementioned, & still beautiful, Ann Arbor, Michigan USA & is an alumnus of that GREAT (aforementioned) UNIVERSITY that is located here. Hence his incessant incantation of GO BLUE! He is a Phi Beta Kappa, having graduated with honors & with a Masters degree in education. He lives with his wife KAREN, daughter MEGAN & faithful doggie TOCO. Sons DAMION, ASHLEY & CHRIS are grown-up & currently either attend college or live on their own. He has a granddaughter, KIERRA, who lives in Tecumseh, Michigan, & who will be a year old in May 2009.

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