Children's Exercise Videos

Featured Action & Exercise Videos for Children

     Ready, Set, Wait! ― Rachel Rambach

     Time to Sing Hello ― Rachel Rambach

More Free Action & Movement Videos for Children:

     Assis, Debout (Sit Down, Stand Up) ― Alain Le Lait

     Ballerina ― The Kinderwise Music Company

     The Butterfly Dance ― Mystery Mike Hennessey

     Dance Like an Animal ― Eric Herman

     Dance Party ― Copper Tom

     Do the Limbo ― Daria

     Exercise Songs from the Blankies ― The Blankies

     Eye Diddle Eye ― The Kinderwise Music Company

     Foot Notes ― Jim Gill

     If I Were An Animal ― Patty Shukla

     Jump! ― Patty Shukla

     Leaping Legs ― Steve Blunt

     Play With Me, Sing Along! ― Patty Shukla

     Pretend You're In The Game ― The Blankies

     Shake and Move (Fine Motor Skills) ― Patty Shukla

     Stand Up, Sit Down ― Patty Shukla

     S.T.O.P. ― Patty Shukla

     Stop, Go, Fast, Slow ― The Blankies

     Twist! (Action Song - Left & Right) ― Patty Shukla

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