Walk Away

Judy Pancoast

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Music and Lyrics by Judy Pancoast

You’re a kite, you’re bird, you’re a yellow balloon
You’ve got everything going on;
You can fly, you can soar, you can glide to the moon!
No one can bring you down

Just don’t listen to the mean people,
Don’t let ‘em make you cry;
Don’t listen to the mean people’
Turn your back and say goodbye….
If you let them put you down they’ll turn your smile into a frown,
And I love to see you smile!
So don’t listen to the mean people,
Just walk away

Now I once knew a girl who was teased all the year
Other kids made her cry;
So she sang her own song ‘til that’s all she could hear
And she turned out just fine

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Judy Pancoast

About the Artist:

Judy Pancoast is a singer and songwriter from New Hampshire who creates and records music exclusively for children.

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