Too Many Animals

Melodie Crittenden

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(By Lanny Sherwin)

Verse 1: I was tired and ready to sleep,
I’d washed my face and brushed my teeth,
But when I pulled back the covers,
Look at what I discovered:

Chorus: Too many animals in my bed,
There’s no place to lay my head,
Elephants, tigers, Mickey and friends
Too many animals in my bed.

Verse 2: There’s Bugs Bunny next to Donald Duck,
The Lion King and Mr. Snufflupagus,
Snoopy, Barney and Eeyore,
Guess I’m sleeping on the floor (‘cause)

Verse 3: Pigs on the pillow, frogs at the foot,
Wild things fill each cranny and nook,
Won’t you scoot over and let me through?
It’s so crowded in this zoo (with)

Tag: It’s a jungle in here and it’s starting to spread,
Too many animals in my bed.

(@ Sherwin Communications, LLC/ASCAP)

What happens when Mom, Dad, Gramma, Granddad, aunts, uncles, cousins, and EVERYone buys the Little Darling a stuffed animal.

Melodie Crittenden

About the Artist:

Songwriter, Lanny Sherwin, is President of Sandman Records and the winner of over 35 music awards. Singer, Melodie Crittenden, is a former Asylum Records recording artisit and sings all the lullabies on Sherwin's "Dream with Me Tonight - Lullabies for All Ages."

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