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This is a song about toes
And here’s how it goes.

This toe’s Jack and this toe’s Jill.
This toe took some corn to mill.

This toe put it in a sack,
And hung it onto this toe’s back.

And this toe when the meal was ground
Brought it home all safe and sound.

This toe he then took the meal
And fed it to the pigs that squeal.

This toe took a stick, they say,
And kept the ducks and geese away.

And these two toes were both so small
They had nothing to do at all.

Music to the Traditional Lyrics © Laszlo Slomovits of Gemini

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Gemini Children's Music

About the Artist:

Gemini writes and plays acoustic music for children and families, celebrating the fun, warmth, and humor of family life. Their recordings and concerts are filled with rousing sing-alongs, folk tales, and music from around the world.

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