That's the Way the Weather Is

Lanny Sherwin

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(By Lanny Sherwin)

Verse 1: Thunderstorms, lightening bolts,
Hurricanes frightening folks.
Then comes the sun, and it’s picnic time.
The weather won’t make up its mind, but

Chorus: That’s the way the weather is, nothing you can do,
One day it’s gray, the next day it’s blue.
Everything about it is a mystery.
That’s the way the weather is – naturally.

Verse 2: Ninety-nine degrees brings on a drought,
Then comes the rain, and you get flooded out.
It’s horrible, it’s beautiful,
It’s 100% chance of unpredictable.


Bridge: It does no good to fret and fuss,
At least when it rains, it’s good for the ducks.
No one knows what the weather’s gonna bring,
That’s just Mother Nature doing her thing.


(@Sherwin Communications, Inc./ASCAP)

Does no good to fret or fuss,
At least when it rains, it's good for the ducks!

Lanny Sherwin

About the Artist:

Lanny Sherwin is President of Sandman Records and the winner of over 35 children's music awards. His motto: "Don't Drive Parents Crazy!"

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