More is Better

Andy Glockenspiel

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I went to the kitchen to make a muffin
But just a muffin wouldn’t do
So I added blueberries to that muffin
Now the muffin was sweet, but I wasn’t through
So I poured on top some chocolate sauce
It dripped on down, but not much was lost
Something was missing, why just one
When two is better and better is more fun

More is Better and better is more
But more will always need more stuff
If more is better and better is more
More won’t ever be enough

So here sat two blueberry muffins
Covered and dripping with that chocolate sauce
If I add one more muffin and a layer of icing
I’ll have a cake I can share with my boss


The cake needed sprinkles and a cherry on top
With sliced banana’s and lots of whipped cream
Then I cut it in half and smeared the middle
With jam and jelly and a lump of ice cream


I ate and I ate, sauce covered face
But I wasn’t through ‘till I licked the plate
Then I realized I was feeling like a bottomless cup
Not hungry, not happy, and now I had to throw-up



Copyright © Andrew Germain. All rights reserved.

Andy Glockenspiel

About the Artist:

Andrew C. Germain, Co-Founder, Director and Edutainer for The Life-Skills Music Institute. The Life-Skills Music Institute is a Music-Based Education Program, specifically designed to draw out the genius within Every Child, by Learning from Songs that share Life-Skills to help the child authentically Resonate within themselves and genuinely Harmonize with those around them in our Brand-New 21st Century, Science and Technology Based Economy. The LSMI is masterpiece of Music with Science in concert, inspiring children to LEARN HOW THEY LEARN, and how beautiful this dance of learning can be.

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