Googol Power

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Lead in
Mathemaction, mathemaction (2x)

Mathemaction, mathemaction
In addition and subtraction
Mathemaction, mathemaction
Multiply, divide the fraction (2x)

Power of numbers, backbone of math
Get your math force on a learning path
Fire up your brain with the tools that you need
A Mathemactive mind, puts you in the lead
A common language with ideas to share
Feel the mathemaction everywhere


The decimal system, uses base ten
Find the place value, units and tens
Hundreds and thousands, millions and higher
Write em up quick with exponents and powers
Once you know the value of the numbers you see
You’ll get the answers to your questions easily


Whole numbers, prime numbers, composite
Even, odd, negative and positive
Integers and fractions, ratios, proportions
Rational, irrational, percentages and decimals

Sequences follow a pattern or rule
Fibonacci and Pascal found sequences very cool
Squared or cubed or linear
Now try quadratic or triangular
Base ten, consecutive or binary
There’s a pattern or a sequence in everything you see


I am 10 cubed or 10 x 10 x 10
What number am I?
I am the year Columbus sailed the ocean blue, divided by two
What number am I?
I am not zero. When I am squared, I am still the same
What number am I?
I am the square root of 64
What number am I?
I am a palindrome whose digits add up to 9
What number am I?

Chorus (2x)

Written by David Pavane, Jon Hemingway, Susan Jarema, Krista Pavane
© 2006 Googol Learning. All rights reserved.

Crazy 4 Math is amotivational math album to get children excited about building their math skills.
Includes 11 songs and dialogue: Pi, Phi, The Golden Mean, Fibonacci Numbers, sound frequencies, amplitude, electromagnetism, gravity, rhythm, skip counting, powers, math patterns, fact families, math questions, historical facts and cool ideas for practicing math.

Googol Power

About the Artist:

Hi, my name is Susan Jarema of Googol Power, and I am "Crazy For Math"!

But you know, I never used to be interested in math. It wasn't until I began teaching my own children math and had to relearn it that I began to see its beauty. My husband, who prefers to hover silently in the background, is what I'd call very mathematical. He uses math daily in his work and leisure and is one of those who can do large mental calculations rapidly. I wanted our children to grow up with his ability and interest in mathematics. So I started researching the best ways to teach young children math. I soon began teaching not only my children but also their friends. I discovered for myself that math is everywhere... and, of course, is inherently interesting. I also realized that learning together as a family could be very rewarding for all of us — hence my interest in promoting "family learning."

I want all children to grow up loving math. Math and thinking skills are critical for the next generation, and they can come easily if children enjoy and feel confident using them. Parents and teachers can help by making math as fun and exciting as it really is! No child should grow up afraid of numbers.

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