Let's Hear it for the Little Guy

Lanny Sherwin

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Let’s Hear it for the Little Guy
(By Lanny Sherwin)

Verse 1: Every scientist knows
When you look real close
At anything, you’ll find
Something smaller inside.
They’re little things called atoms,
In science class you’ll look at ‘em,
The smallest things there are,
Microscopic superstars.

CH: Let’s hear it for the Little Guy,
He’s got a job that’s a mile high.
You can’t see him with the naked eye,
But without him there would be no Life.
Under the microscope he’s the King,
The building block of everything.
Atoms are cool, and that’s no lie,
Let’s hear it for the Little Guy!

Verse 2: Atoms bond together
Just like Legos, only better.
They make up everything there is
Like bikes, chocolate, and guitarists (heh, heh!)
So if you’re feeling small
It’s no big deal at all.
Just learn a lesson from the atom,
It’s not the size, it’s the go-go-get-um.


Br: Protons, neutrons, electrons –
It’ so amazing to me
That the biggest things in the whole wide world
Are made up of things that you can’t even see.

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They're little thing called "atoms"
In science class you'll look at 'em,
The smallest things there are:
Microscopic superstars!

Lanny Sherwin

About the Artist:

Lanny Sherwin is President of Sandman Records and the winner of over 35 children's awards. His motto: "Don't Drive Parents Crazy!"

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