Kitty Cow

Rick Scott and Valley Hennell

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I think cows are funny, how about you?
I just laugh myself in half over everything that’s moo
and after all what’s a meadow for
if not for cows to graze?
furry brown containers that make milk out of hay

I think kitty cats are funny, how about you?
chasing strings and imaginary things
always with a-meow-meow-muse-ment
and they’re from ancient Egypt
so they know better than you
soft as a pillow, hiding in the willow
always drinking moo juice

Johann Strauss’ MOO DANUBE

I think humans are funny, how about you?
‘cause they can go around and make any old sound like
but they always fight about wrong and right
well let’s just change that tune
and sing this song ‘til the cat comes back
and the cow jumps over the moon

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Rick Scott and Valley Hennell

About the Artist:

RICK SCOTT is an award winning singer, songwriter and actor who combines music and laughter in lively, participatory concerts for all ages. He is Canada’s leading proponent of the Appalachian mountain dulcimer, known by kids around the world as ‘The Electric Snowshoe.’ Over 35 years he has released 17 albums and performed his lively, original music in nine countries. His gift for combining wacky humour and poignant human commentary has earned him a devoted following around the world.

Over the past 20 years he has performed more than a thousand family concerts throughout Canada, the U.S., Australia and Southeast Asia. He is Goodwill Ambassador for the Down Syndrome Research Foundation and performs inspirational keynote concerts for familes, educators and caregivers, and MUSIC AS A SECOND LANGUAGE song writing workshops for people who don’t think that they’re musical.

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