I Like Spaghetti

Linda Severt

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I don’t like clams
It’s just the way I am
I think they stink
When you put ‘em in the sink
And if you think
You can make me eat ‘em now
Well, you’re wrong; I’ll put ‘em in my pocket
And I’ll feed ‘em to a cow

I don’t like peas
‘Cause they make me sneeze
I’ll spit them out
If you put ‘em in my mouth
What I like to do
With my peas instead
I like to load ‘em in my straw and shoot ‘em out
And try to hit you in the head

But I like spaghetti
It doesn’t make me sick
I like spaghetti
‘Cause when I throw it it’ll stick
I like spaghetti
All mixed into a glop
I like spaghetti with catsup and mustard
And a cherry on the top

I don’t like fish
When they leave the eyeballs in the dish
I look and see
My dinner looking back at me
And if I try
To stab it with my fork
I’m afraid it might flip around and flop around
And land on the floor

© Linda Severt. All rights reserved.

Linda Severt

About the Artist:

Winner of two national awards for her most recent family CD, “Grinning Streak!”
~ “Parents’ Choice Silver” award
~ “Seal of Excellence” from Creative Child Magazine

“… some of the wittiest lyrics this side of Dr. Seuss.” – Parents’ Choice, 2008

Linda Severt weaves circus skills and music into creative and whimsical routines with refreshing originality. Linda’s shows are performed solo, however she is never alone for long as the stage comes to life with puppet characters, musical instruments (some of which are puppets), and members of the audience. Seattle’s Child Magazine said, “It often seems as though several performers are on stage… never too over the top to be enjoyed by adults as well.”

Linda’s amazing skill and sensitivity has also led her to become the supervisor of the esteemed Big Apple Circus Clown Care program at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Performance Highlights include:
The Kennedy Center (Washington DC)
Kim Tom International Clown Festival (Shanghai, China)
International Children’s Festivals (Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Philadelphia, Seattle…)
Festivals – Bumbershoot, Juan de Fuca, Salem Arts, First Night (Tacoma, Providence)

Artist's Website: