Fancy Dance

Kids Music Company NZ Award-Winners 6 years Running

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I can stamp my feet, (echo),
I can wriggle my thumb, (echo),
I can pat my cheeks, (echo),
I can rub my tum, (echo),
I can reach up high, (echo),
I can clap my hands, (echo),
I can wink one eye, (echo),
And do the fancy dance, (echo).
Fancy dance wriggle,
Fancy dance move,
Fancy dance squiggle,
Fancy dance groove,
Wriggle from the bottom,
Wriggle to the top,
Fancy dance wriggle and
Fancy dance stop!

From the album - Pukeko Stomp by Kids Music Company
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For children aged 3 to 8
An exciting collection of 21 original songs for children, designed to entertain and educate. Pop up with clown and bop around the swamp with Pukeko. Move, play instruments, dance and sing. Wriggle with the jazzy worms, float with autumn leaves, march in the band or be a Cool Cat leader. Your feet won't be able to keep still. Action songs, creative and set movement, instrumental activities and fun songs. The Teacher's Manual has easy to follow teacher's notes that are cross-referenced to stages of children's development.

Kids Music Company NZ Award-Winners 6 years Running

About the Artist:

Wendy Jensen and Janet Channon have created, developed, and run this successful business for the last 20 years.

Year after year Janet and Wendy see the positive contribution music and movement makes to a young child's growth and development; mentally, physically, socially and emotionally. Seeing the positive results for themselves and hearing comments from parents, has encouraged Janet and Wendy to continue to write and record more original resources for children. Adults who share these musical experiences with their children see first hand how easily children learn when they are having fun.

Knowing young children learn best through experience, Janet and Wendy advocate the Orff style of teaching. This was developed by Carl Orff in the 1930's and is now well respected around the world in the field of music education. From a wealth of teaching experience and course work with Orff practitioners from around the world Janet and Wendy have carried these whole-body whole-brain principals into their song writing.

Creating musical songs and activities that support multi sensory learning and subsequent brain growth has added a whole new dimension to their song writing. This extra dimension puts them apart from most other children's music.

Wendy and Janet have been writing, recording and workshopping their original material for the past 11 years. Every song is written for a specific teaching purpose. They have run countless workshops for parents, teachers and teacher training institutions in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Kids Music Company resources are sold and enjoyed around the world.

Both Wendy and Janet are committed to ongoing professional development and regularly attend conferences and workshops in Australia and NZ.