Don't Squash That Bug!

Lanny Sherwin

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Don’t Squash That Bug!
(By Lanny Sherwin)

Verse 1: Most bugs aren’t cute
And they can bite, that’s true,
And they may be a pain and annoying,
But, hey, so can me and you.
They may be slimy and kinda grimy
But they’re awful special to me.
So before you stomp him flat,
There’s a favor I must ask:

Chorus: Don’t squash that bug, hand me the net.
If you were a bug, you wouldn’t wanna be stepped on, I bet.
Don’t give him a scar, let’s keep him in a jar,
He’d make the greatest pet,
Don’t squash that bug – hand me the net.

Verse 2: Maybe I lived in a hive
In a previous life.
You may think it’s a defect,
But I love all kinds of insects.
Just remember each bug you see
Probably has a 1,000 member family,
So for goodness sake, don’t turn him into a pancake.


Bridge: I love to watch their antennae wave, and try to count all their legs,
And I think roaches rule, and caterpillars are cool,
And the beetles are so fab
They make me go “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”


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We're all part of nature.
If you were a bug, you wouldn't want to be stepped on, I bet!

Lanny Sherwin

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Lanny Sherwin is President of Sandman Records and the winner of over 35 children's music awards. His motto: "Don't Drive Parents Crazy!

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