Cool Kind Kid

Tanner’s Manners

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My name is Tanner, and I’m not a fool
I know that manners are a way to be cool
It doesn’t matter if I’m home or at school
Manners can be really cool

I’ve seen the kids who don’t know how to behave
Nobody likes them when they don’t act their age
Nobody wants to be a friend anyway
To a silly kid who doesn’t behave


I don’t want to be a bully with an attitude
Whose mouth is like a trashcan lid
I don’t want to be a person who is mean and rude
I just want to be a cool kind kid
I just want to be a cool kind kid

So come along with me, and you will find
It’s so cool to be kind
It’s so cool to b e kind


Copyright 2003 Etiquette, Etc., LLC trading as Tanner’s Manners


Tanner, a kind-hearted 9 year-old, is faced with a dilemma—his classmates are sometimes mean, rude, and even bully, thinking that is cool. What’s a kid like Tanner to do? He wants to be kind and cool. He hopes his friends will learn how to be Cool Kind Kids from the catchy tunes on the “Cool Kind Kid” CD that promote the values of treating others with kindness and respect.

17 original songs, each teaching a different social skill, are the fun way for kids to learn social skills. Kids are engaged by the light-hearted rock melodies, including Magic Word Mambo, Rude Rudy, School Rules, Wanda and Luggo, Dan’s Disastrous Dining Dilemma, Blurty and more.

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Tanner’s Manners

About the Artist:

Barbara Gilmour—Creator of Tanner’s Manners and Cool Kind Kid Social Skills and Anti-Bullying Educational Materials

This creation of 17 original songs was commissioned by Barbara Gilmour, who gave the songwriter, producer, and vocalist, Steve Megaw, the content for each song. Each song teaches a different social skill without kids thinking its educational. Kids are love the varied music styles, with guitars and upbeat percussion. Kids themselves sing many of the songs, with the rest sung by producer Steve Megaw. “Cool Kind Kid” is the winner of more than 12 national awards, including Parents’ Choice, Teachers’ Choice, Creative Child CD of the Year, and The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval.

Cool Kind Kid music-enhanced educational materials are proactively addressing the root causes of bullying. By redefining “cool” kids are learning to reject bullying and being bullied. Kids learn that “The KIND kid is the COOL kid, not the bully.”

Breaking the Cycle of Bullying by Redefining “Cool™”

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