Christmas Riddle

Mr. Billy

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Here’s a musical riddle
For you to figure it out!
See if you can guess who I’m singing about
If you listen carefully
To every little clue
Maybe you can solve this Christmas riddle too!

Try to guess this…

Someone’s getting ready
To visit every town
All around the world where ever kids are found
White stuff on the rooftop
And children in their beds
Twelve of his friends pull a big magic sled


When you wake up in the morning
And look under your tree
You know that he’s been there waiting by the chimney
Did he have some milk and cookies?
Did the big guy share?
Before he flew away Santa laughing all the way


Did you find the answer?
Do you know the name?
Of someone who was not allowed near reindeer games
Until that stormy night
When Santa came to say
With your nose so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh?

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Mr. Billy

About the Artist:

Mr. Billy is a full time academic entertainer from De Pere, Wisconsin. A mutlti Children's Music Web Award Winner, has also been voted "Northeastern Wisconsin's Family Favorite Children's Entertainer".

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