Christmas Every Day

Judy Pancoast

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Christmas Every Day
Lyrics & Music by Judy Pancoast © 1998

Verse one
When I was feeling sad you kissed away my tears,
You sat with me at night-time and chased away my fears;
Now it’s Christmas-time and I just want to say
There’s nothing more to give to me than what you’ve given every day;

With you in my life it can be Christmas in July;
You are so caring and thoughtful in every way;
The joy that you bring makes my heart want to dance and sing;
You make it Christmas Every Day!

Verse two
Now December’s here with trees and decorations;
Everybody’s hurrying to Christmas celebrations;
You’re wondering what to give me, you don’t have much to spend;
But everything that I could want is here with you, my special friend.
repeat chorus

This song is from the CD THE HOUSE ON CHRISTMAS STREET by Judy Pancoast. The CD is available for purchase as an album or by individual song titles, along with all of Judy Pancoast's other music for children, at

Judy Pancoast

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Judy Pancoast is a singer and songwriter from New Hampshire who exclusively creates and performs music for children. Visit her website at

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