Can You See The Connection?

Lucas Miller

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A fruit bat flew from tree to tree
She picked a juicy mango from a mango tree
She flew a ways away with her tasty treat
She ate the sweet fruit and then she dropped the seed

The seed fell down to the forest floor
It bounced and it flipped and it bounced some more
It came to a stop in an open spot
Where it could grow in all the sunshine that it got

Can you see the connection to
The bat to the tree and the tree to you?
The tree gives the fruit bat food
The bat helps the tree and the tree helps you

The bat got the seed to a sunny spot
So the seed began to grow and grow a lot
It grew into a tall and a mighty tree
Making food and oxygen for you and me


And the whole world, too
Connections running through
From flowers to bees
Fruit bats to trees
And all of it to you
And the more you see and know
The mystery only grows
And like scattering seeds
Our own words and deeds
Connect to tomorrow
They take root and grow tomorrow


© Lucas Miller. All rights reserved.

This recording from Lucas Miller truly delights adults and children! The songs focus on the interdependence between species with songs about symbiosis, pollination and, yes, bird droppings. Throughout, you'll find Lucas Miller's trademark humor, as well as a layer of hope and inspiration beneath the science.