(The Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle Song)

Lucas Miller

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Surf's Up!!!! And it's a windy day in Mexico back in 1947
The Kemp's Ridley sea turtles were surfin' back to Mexico
There were 40,000 turtles returning to the beach where they were born
When they crawled up on the sand to lay some eggs of their own
There were so many Ridleys their shells looked like cobblestones
Sea turtles always come right back
To the same beach where they first hatched
And when they all come up together the local people call it the:
A whole lotta
Turtle mamas
Turtle eggs were like candy down in Mexico
People used to heat 'em up and eat 'em up, some would just swallowed 'em whole
There were 4 million eggs that day and you could hear the people shout ("aye
They collected every egg they could, they must've thought they'd never run out
But if you take every egg and don't let any hatch
No baby turtles will grow up and no mama turtles will come back
Makes sense to me! And then one day there may be no ARRIBADA!
Turtle eggs were collected and collected for so long...

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Lucas Miller's The Anaconda La Bamba! has become a favorite of educators and families who enjoy his lighthearted approach to serious appreciation of our environment. The songs are performed in a variety of styles including Tejano, rap, surf-rock, funk and all-out rock 'n' roll!
Lucas features several of these songs in his programs for middle- and upper-elementary age students. The songs touch on a variety of endangered species issues with an emphasis on what people are doing to protect them and why.