Animal Song Videos

     A Monkey (Sight Words song) ― Patty Shukla

     At The 'Quarium ― Two of a Kind

     Butterflies ― The Battersby Duo

     The Butterfly Dance ― Mystery Mike Hennessey

     Dance Like an Animal ― Eric Herman

     The Elephant Song ― Eric Herman

     The Double Life of Amphibians ― Two of a Kind

     Five Little Fish ― Jack Hartmann

     A Frog Named Sam ― Ben Rudnick & Friends

     I Am a Turtle ― Two of a Kind

     The Itsy Bitsy Spider ― Miss Lori and Sqedunk

     The Jungle Tree ― Susan Harrison

     The Monarch Butterfly Song ― Lucas Miller

     Oh, Guanaco ― Two of a Kind

     Old MacDonald ― Pam Donkin

     Ollie the Otter (Read-Along Version) ― Jack Hartmann

     Over in the Meadow ― Daria

     Perry the Parasaurolophus ― David Cagle

     Quetzalcoatlus ― David Cagle

     Roar Like a Lion! (Soft & Loud Sounds) ― Patty Shukla

     Sassy Cicada ― Kristin Jerger

     The Teddy Bear Song ― The Battersby Duo

     This Little Chicken (In Spanish and English) ― Daria

     Welcome to the Zoo ― Two of a Kind

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